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Benefits of Shopping at Maine Organic Baby Stores

In recent years, there's been an heigtened demand for organic products, particularly for organic baby products. Parents of course want the best for their babies and organic baby stores in Maine stock everything they need to keep their bundles of joy happy and healthy.

Maine organic baby stores sell products that aren't created using toxins and chemicals. So the most significant benefit of organic baby products is that they are healthier and have a lower risk of triggering side effects like allergic reactions.

Eco-conscious parents also enjoy the fact that organic baby products are also better for the environment. Cotton used to make materials for organic baby clothes, for instance, aren't treated with chemicals and insecticides that affect far more than the cotton crop.

Products in Maine Organic Baby Stores

As a greater number of parents discover the importance of choosing organic, more and more organic baby products are cropping up in stores across the U.S.. These days, parents can purchase an organic option for virtually anything.

Popular organic baby products are:

  • Baby clothes
  • Toys
  • Baby food
  • Bedding
  • Bath products
  • Diapers
  • Lotions and Creams
  • Powder

Makers can only label their baby products organic once they've been granted organic certification. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike organic products, 'all natural' products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Parents that are contemplating an 'all natural' product should carefully look over the ingredients and/or label to determine whether an organic option is the right choice.

Well Known Organic Baby Stores in Maine

Burt's Bees is a well known line of personal organic products, including organic baby products. Burt's Bees products can be found in major stores across the U.S. such as Target. 

Baby Earth is an online organic baby store that sells all natural and organic baby products from a variety of companies.

Whole Foods Market has been a top provider of organic products since 1980, and there's no shortage of organic baby products in their stores.

The Organic Consumers Association and the Organic Information Center are also popular resources for researching various organic products and services, including organic baby stores.


Investing in organic products, particularly hygiene and food products, when kids are in the initial stages of development is an investment worth making. As organic baby products grow in popularity parents can expect to find more local and online organic baby stores in Maine to shop at and more affordable prices as well.